Boys Middle School Soccer, Boys Varsity Soccer · Season Recap: Middle School Boys Soccer

Article written by Head Coach Brian Fair:

It was the last game of the season. All year we struggled to make quality passes; placing the ball accurately from foot to foot. But on the last day of the season, in this our final hour… we found each other.

Jesus tells his disciples that “those who hear [his] words… and put them into practice” will be like houses built upon a rock: solid and able to weather the storms of life. (Matthew 7:24-27) In other words, the factor between whether we experience continual crashes in our lives or persistent stability is simply the act of putting God’s word into practice. Practice… practice, practice, practice. And so rain or shine we set out this year towards the repetitive action of executing our desired result when it didn’t count so that when it did matter we’d be ready.

The season started slowly. For our first game we only had eight of the 11 players needed to field a full team. There was only one thing to do: pray. We prayed together after our first game asking God to provide us with what we needed for a full team and asking Him to protect the players we already had from being injured. By the second game we were up to 10 players. When all was said and done our 2017 MS Boys Soccer team consisted of 10 middle school boys, 2 middle school girls and 2 sixth graders; 14 players in all. We looked different than the other MS teams we played but we did have a full team. And you know what else? We didn’t lose one player this year to injury. Not one. God had answered our prayers!
As I look back over this year’s MS Boys Soccer season I am reminded of how aptly the principles we learn in sports apply to life. Principles like practice and prayer. Both were needed this year and I’m sure will be needed many times by our kids during the years that lie ahead.