Girls Varsity Competitive Cheer · Eagles Soar in First Competition

Written by Rachel Brugger:

The Plymouth Christian Academy Varsity Competitive Cheer team had an amazing first meet at the Lincoln Rail-splitter Competition. The competition was held at Lincoln High School in Ypsilanti on January 19, 2019. The team competed against division three and four schools. There were eight teams total within the two divisions. The PCA girls took 3rd place for divisions three and four. There was a total of 14 teams in divisions one through four represented.

The team arrived at the school at around 8am to prepare for the competition that ran from 10am until 2pm. The PCA team had a fantastic competition and all three rounds looked great. The three rounds in a cheer competition are Unity and Cohesiveness, Tumbling and Precision, and Stunting and Tumbling. Each round takes about an hour with time for each team to stretch and warm up before rounds.

This meet had amazing, strong teams and the competition had a very fun, friendly environment. All the teams were supportive and encouraging to each other in many ways. The teams made a tunnel for the competing team to walk through as they get on the mats. They also watch and cheer for the other teams while yelling enthusiastic responses to opponents’ cheers. Having a warm and encouraging environment is always a wonderful experience to be in for competitions.

The theme for this cheer season at PCA is “The Team.” This meet was a great representation of the strong team the PCA girls have created. This competition showed that these girls have worked hard and built a strong team and friendships with each other. The girls support each other on and off the mat encouraging one another throughout the day. Even though the day might have been long, the girls still had a great time. The team had an unforgettable experience with a strong start to what will be a great season.

The PCA competitive cheer team will compete at the first MIAC Conference Competition at Parkway Christian School in Sterling Heights on Thursday evening, January 24. The girls will be at a local competition on Saturday, January 26 at Plymouth High School. The competition starts at 10am. Come out and support our Eagles Competitive Cheer Team and see what cheer is all about.