Coed Varsity Golf · Strikers Take First Match of the Season

(Mt Clemens, MI) Plymouth Christian Academy’s golf team hit the Gowaine Golf Course in the season opening match against two conference teams on Monday, 8 April, 2019 and came away with a victorious day to start the season with a 213 to 248 over Parkway Christian and 213 to a Did Not Play (DNP) forfeit over Southfield Christian.

On a beautiful spring afternoon, the Eagles took to the course with great enthusiasm to play their first match of the season.  Warm temperatures and slight spring breezes were extraordinarily welcomed with the golden sunlight bathing the Strikers during their away match.

The Gowaine GC presented long, narrow fairways with greens that had yet to fully come into their own from the extended cold.  The Strikers kept accuracy in mind and kept the balls mostly in the fairways to get a good look at the green approach shots.   Some shots bounced off the greens and onto the rough when expected to stick where they hit.  Overall, the Strikers looked to make their shots stay in play and keep scoring.  With this being their first match, confidence in some shots are still developing, especially around the greens.  Short shots and putting were often an adventure to get the ball in the hole.

In what has been an extended cold and blustery spring, the Strikers have been resilient to practice and prepare for their first match.  Often out on their home course with temperatures in the low 50s and winds buffeting both players and ball flights, the preparation focus was set for this match.

PCA team captain, Layne Pries (senior) paired against the top player from Parkway Christian.  “It took some settling, but asking questions about the course and keeping the ball in play was a lot of fun today,” said Pries.  “We have stuff to fix, and it will be better.  We’re working the good stuff, and we’ll fix things, the team will get better and we’ll be better.”

Strikers Aidan Hing (junior) and Rachel Costello (junior) were paired against the number two player from PCS.

“There’s lots and lots of areas that we need to work on, especially the short game around the greens,” said Hing.  “We’ll enjoy this win for a little bit and then we’re back to making sure we’ve learned and fixing those things to be better.”

“I felt we can do a lot better, and this is just the first (match) of the season, so we are going to get so much better,” said Costello.

The record stands at 2-0-0 for now, and the Eagle strikers know there’s work to be done.

The Eagles next match is Tuesday, 5:30, April 16, 2019 at the home course of Hickory Creek against Charyl Stockwell and Novi Christian.