Eagles News · Jacob and Joey Weertz Impacting Lives in Africa

Jacob and Joey pictured with students in Mamou, Guinea. The PCA Varsity soccer team was able to donate nets and balls for the kids to play with.


Jacob Weertz and Joey Weertz  are heavily involved in our PCA Athletic Program. Jacob is a Junior here at PCA, playing Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball. Joey, a new Freshman; plays Soccer, Wrestling, Basketball, and Baseball.  They also keep very busy with their local church! On November 3rd, the boys pressed pause on their busy schedule and left to go on a missions trip to Guinea, Africa for three weeks with their dad and Grandpa.

They have been working 10 hours a day at the Evangelical Christian Hospital (ECH),  putting in electrical and plumbing into buildings on site that the African construction crew has already built. Before going, the boys asked the Varsity Soccer team to chip in and help purchase soccer nets for two goal posts they have there on the grounds for the school. They also collected soccer balls. The past few days they have gotten their work done to be able to play “el futbol” with the children.

We are so proud of the opportunity that Jacob and Joey have to pour the love of Christ in Mamou, Guinea. Please join us in continuing to pray for them as they push through these long days and continue to make an impact for the Kingdom of God. We are excited for them to come back and use the experiences they’ve had to continue to be an impact in our athletic program, at our school, and in the community.